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Soundproof ceiling to prevent noise intrusion between floors

soundproof ceiling panel systems to block out unwanted noise

Install soundproof ceiling panels on every floor

soundproof ceiling installation is one of the many ways to fight unwanted noise that disturbs the peace at home, office or school. Noise is a constant element in crowded places like schools and shopping centres. While acoustic wall panelling prevents noise transmission from one room to another, acoustic ceiling panels can restrict noise transmission between multiple floors.

Wide range of soundproof ceiling panel designs

topakustik offers a wide range of soundproof ceiling panels that can regulate sounds at different frequency ranges. A panel's absorption characteristics also vary on the material it is made from and its groove. ceiling panels are also available in a wide range of designs created especially to meet the varied needs of our clients. We have different acoustic panels that are apt for installation in different areas such as meeting rooms, restaurants, living rooms, auditoriums and other commercial spaces. Tell us what your requirements are and our experts will guide you accordingly.

Tailored soundproof ceiling solutions for you

If our existing ceiling panels do not suit your requirements, our acoustic engineers can design and install custom ceiling panels to make your space soundproof. Our experts will take into consideration the size of the room, what it is used for and the acoustic requirements before suggesting a ceiling panel that is best. We believe in customer satisfaction, and with our acoustic panels, we can help you achieve the desired ambience and keep your guests and clients happy.

Call us today

Contact us today to know more about the soundproofing solutions we have for your business. You can call us at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. You can also reach us through email. Just fill our online soundproof ceiling enquiry form today. We will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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