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Acoustic wall panelling for offices and commercial settings

Suitably installed wall panelling enables noise control in a commercial setup

Acoustic wall panelling can prevent sound reflections that can be disturbing

High quality wall panelling is extremely important for the smooth functioning of commercial settings like offices, restaurants, healthcare centers, schools etc. Clear communication, which plays a crucial role in such places, is largely dependant on the quality of acoustic wall panels that are installed there. Whether it is a school with large classrooms or a hospital with lengthy corridors and halls, installing sound absorbing wall panelling can remove redundant noise and enable clear communication.

We have expert engineers and craftsmen, who can design and install wall panels for every kind of commercial setting - be it a large auditorium or a small conference room.

Sound absorbing wall panelling for healthcare centers

Crying children and wailing ambulances are common situations in a hospital. Without proper acoustic wall panelling, the noise from these sources can disturb patients and affect their tranquility, which is essential for a quick recovery. Lack of sound absorbing panels may also sustain the disturbing reverberations caused by conversations among people in a place like a large gymnasium or pool area.

We offer acoustic wall panels that not only absorb sound but also keep the place hygienic. This helps in maintaining a clean and germ-free environment that is essential for a health care center. We also offer fire-resistant wall panels that ensure the safety of your guests and staff in case of unexpected fires.

Contact us to know more about our wall panel solutions

We provide sustainable acoustic solutions to all our customers, keeping in mind their unique needs. To know more about our panelling solutions, give us a call today on +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. To write to us, you can fill in our wall panelling solutions enquiry form, and we will answer your queries as quickly as possible.

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